Monday, December 14, 2020

How to live a genuine Christian life

 Saint Paul pleads with the Christians in Ephesus, “I, Paul, a prisoner for the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called.”

Here are the ten points for living an Orthodox Christian life:

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1. Praying Daily 5 Have a regular prayer rule that includes morning and evening prayer.

2. Worshiping and Participating in the Sacraments 7 Attend and participate in the Divine Liturgy receiving Holy

Communion regularly as well as regular participation in Confession.

3. Honoring the Liturgical Cycle 9 Follow the seasons of the church and participate in the fasts and

feasts of the Church.

4. Using the Jesus Prayer 11 Repeat the Holy name whenever possible throughout the day or


5. Slowing Down and Ordering Your Life 13 Set priorities and reduce the stress and friction caused by a hurried


6. Being Watchful 15 Give full attention to what you are doing at the moment.

7. Taming the Passions 17 Overcome your habits, attachment to your likes and dislikes, and

learn to practice the virtues.

8. Putting Others First 19 Free yourself from your selfishness and find joy in helping others.

9. Spiritual Fellowship 21

Spend time regularly with other Orthodox Christians for support and inspiration.

10. Reading Holy Scripture and writings of our Church Fathers

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