Wednesday, June 3, 2020

It's Time to Listen

It's time to listen.
It is close to impossible for us white privileged people to understand what black Americans feel and it is a reality that many Black Americans can feel justified in violent actions. I experienced a situation similar to what we are facing today many years ago in 1968 when I was living in Detroit, the scene of a massive uprising of Black Americans. I also participated in “synergy” groups as part of my PhD studies where a white group and a black tried to understand the perspective of the other. After questioning each other, each group tried to express the view of the other group. The black group had no difficulty expressing accurately the view of the white group but the white group could not express the view of the black group. This shows how difficult it is for a privilege group to grasp the view of the less privileged.
In today’s situation, we white privileged need to recognize how difficult it is for us to understand the actions of our black brothers sisters. We need to have compassion even for those who break the law, break windows and loot. We need to ask, what would motivate anyone to act in this way? How could they become so angry and disrespectful of law and order? If we can tap into the understanding what it is like to be continually harassed by the police and failing to see justice being carried out, then we might be able to begin to understand the anger that is being expressed. When our response is simply to call for law and order, to use military tactics, we need to recognize that many of these people never feel any reality of law and order. It seems biased toward those of privilege. Our justice is not their justice. So our actions often lead only to more anger and violence.
We need to try to listen. We need to engage in dialog. We need to open our hearts, filled the Christ’s love, if we are going to make any progress in our race relationships.
Our Lord Jesus Christ favors the poor snd oppressed. He has ultimate compassion. He recognizes every human being as being made in the image of God.
Please, try to listen to those who are demonstrating. Try your best, with an open heart of love, to understand their perspective. Only in this way will we find a productive way to create a more harmonious society where there is a shared idea of justice.
Please try to listen and not judge! Keep Christ in your heart.

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