Saturday, September 18, 2010

Combating Anger

A common malady we all face is anger.  What is the best way to eliminate this undesirable behavior?  Many follow the path of trying to avoid the situation that causes it or simply walk away when it arises.  While this may be useful, Elder Marcarius calls it a weak way to combat this evil tendency.  You will not eliminate anger by this course.

Consider the person who raises ager in you as someone being used by God to show you your greatest weakness, Elder Macarius tells us.  He says,
This rage slumbers in you at all times but is hidden until this person, the hand of God, reveals discloses it.  Combat this temptation through practicing humility, charity, courage.  It will take long to conquer; but pray for help and start now.
Anger was given to us to combat against sin, not to use against our neighbor.  It's improper usage is caused by pride.  Only humility and prayer will lead to mastering this weakness and directing this force the conquering of evil.

Reference: Russian Letters of Spiritual Direction, p78

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