Monday, September 20, 2010

Battling Pride

We continually hear that pride is at the root of our sinfulness.  In God's eyes it is the the penitent sinner that is preferred to the proud person.  The remedy to pride is humility, but how does one develop humility?

Here is what Elder Macarius has to say,
Well, acquire this art through reading the Fathers; pitiless self-examination and self-accusation help too; also, making clear to ourselves how much worse we are than others; and refraining from all condemnation of them while we accept all their condemnation of us, as sent by God to cure our hideous spiritual sores.
This battle for humility is not an easy one or one that is quickly won.  It is not easy to refrain from condemning others while accepting the condemnation that is given to us.  We are constantly being tripped up by our passions.  A high degree of discipline in life is required.  We must always be on the alert. As we progress along this narrow and difficult path we will be tempted to have pride in our progress.  When this occurs our progress ends.  Our success in life, our well-being at work or in the home, can also hinder us by stroking our pride. Our successes make us feel as if we are in control.  The more successful we are in a worldly life it is all the harder to develop humility.

The Elder says,
Humility is the only weapon that wards off all attacks, but it is difficult to fashion, and the art of using it iis often misunderstood, particularly by those who live an active life.... Remember always that the whole of human misery is the consequence of pride.  Humility alone is the path to joy, the gate to the blessed nearness––the intimacy of God.


  1. ..i have great difficulty with pride...and thus little 'real' arrogance frequently shows itself through my sense of "me" is strong and is not willing to go away and die easily..honestly im hesitant of asking for humility because i fear the pain that particular lesson may me please..


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