Friday, August 2, 2019

Order Your Life Like Heaven

When we examine the nature of the physical world we see that it has a perfect order. We have discovered that there are laws of nature established by God from the beginning of creation. The moon follows its path around the earth, the earth maintains its path around the sun. The atoms and molecules that make up the solid elements we find in a table or chair keep their order. Likewise, God has given us laws so we can live an orderly life. This is the way of heaven, orderly. This should become the way of our life. If we can only seek God’s Grace, then with humility act in harmony with it, we will become like Christ, perfected. This is all God is asking of us. Be like the sun and the moon or the atoms or molecules. Find the path to earthly discipline so you can overcome all the passions residing in your heart and body, to become capable of following all the aspects of the law that God has shone us by the Incarnation of His Son.

Saint Ambrose writes the following:
You see, what abides in heaven should abide in you. Then keep God’s word in your heart, and keep it in such a way that it will not be forgotten. Keep God’s law and learn from it. If you want to find the power of this prophetic saying, [For ever, O Lord, Thy word abideth in heaven (Psalm 118:89)], raise yourself from the visible to the mental, and take from it moral lessons. If God’s word abides in heaven, let us imitate heaven where it is abiding. Follow the example of heaven in your life. Is there any breach of the law in the sun? Does it not always follow the usual path? And does not the moon always, in a similar order, decrease and increase its disk? And is not the relation and apparent movement of the stars in heaven always the same? Thus everything in the heavens keeps its law and abides in its order. Let the word of God abide in you just as immutably, determining your line of action.
Saint Hilary says, when we were baptized and chrismated we received the seal of the Holy Spirit. We learned God’s commandments. When we follow this law, draw on the Help of His grace, we can act like Christ,  exemplify the image in which we were created, and live in peace with everyone and in all things.  ”

Reference: Psalm 118: A Commentary by Saint Theophan the Recluse, pp 213-214.

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