Monday, March 16, 2015

How Can I Become an Apostle?

Christ called His disciples,  "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men." When He called them they gave up their profession and their families and left everything to devote themselves to His work. Are we not also called to follow Him? Does this mean we are to give up our livelihood and leave our family's? No! Only a few are called in such a manner, but we are still called to become His Apostles. How can we do this if we are not able to pack up and head for a mission somewhere I the world?

How about the needs in our own Church? Attendance to church services is not so great. Less than 25% of our members will be found in the church on Sunday's. We are lucky if we see them on Christmas or Easter.  How about ourselves. Do we regularly attend and live the principles of an Orthodox Life? Let's ask ourselves, Are we responsible for this lack of participation in the Sacramental life of the Church? What effort have we made to urge others to come and participate? How effective are you on Sunday at rousing all your family members to get up and get ready to get to Chirch before the service begins? Do you just satisfy yourself with getting yourself to Church on time? Fulfilling your duty. Can you say you are a leader for Christ?

When you are moved by a sermon do you share it with others? When you are cleansed ans spiritually uplifted by participation in the Sacraments do you encourage others to do the same? Do you think the job of spreading th message of the Gospel is the work of the cry of the Chuch alone? This in not the correct view as from the earliest days of the church all His followers were active in Spreading the Gospel message. Every Christian is called and capable of being a preacher do the Gospel message. It's not necessary to go to Africa or some other exotic place to be a missionary. You can become one in your own home, your neighborhood and parish community.

Bishop Augoustinos writes,
Every Christian should consider himself a little apostle in the world. No legitimate cause can interfere with a missionay endeavor. If he is a fervent Christian, wherever he is, he will find an opportunity to speak about Christ. At home, at school, at college, on boats, and everyplace there are souls who seek light and salvation, the believer can throw out his net. Even if he does not achieve much--even if he saves one sinner from the brink of destruction--he will be considered great in the eyes of the Lord.

Reference: Follow Me by Bishop Augoustinos of Florina Gr. 

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