Thursday, August 21, 2014

What does "Hallowed be Thy Name" mean?

Most Christians will recite the Lord's prayer every day and pray, "Hallowed be Thy Name." Have you stopped to think about what it means to pray this?  For surely God is holy. He does not need to be told that. What are we praying for when we say these words? Why did Jesus ask us to pray in this way?

Saint Gregory of Nyssa in his commentary on the Lord's prayer writes,
But now what does the Lord's Prayer set down? "Hallowed be Thy Name." If I did not utter these words at all, let us say, would it be possible that God's Name be not holy? ...God's Name is forever holy and nothing escapes the power of God's rule. Rather, He has dominion over all and admits no addition to His holiness. God absolutely lacks nothing and is perfect. What then does the prayer intend with the words, "Hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come?" 
It must be clear that it is not to proclaim that God is holy, but to ask for something for our own salvation. How do we make His name Hallowed? It can only be by how we live our lives. If we proclaim to be a Christain and are dedicated to serving this God, then we must demonstrate what this means through the way we live our daily lives.  Otherwise, those who see us will not think very highly of our God.

Saint Gregory of Nyssa puts it this way,
those who bear the name of the faith, but their way of life contradicts the name whether by lapsing into idolatry by way of greed, or by behaving unseemly through drunkenness and revelry, or by wallowing like swine in the mire of profligacy then those who are unbelievers resort to a handy accusation. They do not direct their accusation against the free choice of those who abuse Christian life by doing evil, but against the mystery of the faith itself, as if the faith positively teaches to do those kinds of things. 
If we want God's name to be hallowed, holy, we must become true followers of what he teaches.  Otherwise we blaspheme Him. This phrase states the entire purpose of our life. We are to live in a such a way that makes God's name hallowed. This is our purpose. to become united with Him is such a way that His holiness shines through us.

Metropolitan Hierotheos (Vlachos) says this,
This petition shows what the purpose of man is and for what reason he lives. Man’s purpose is to be united with God and to become holy according to the grace and energy of God. God is holy by nature and people are [called] to become holy by grace. In the language of the Fathers of the Church, this is called deification and those who are made holy by their participation in the grace of God are called deified. For one to become holy, to be deified, means that all one’s spiritual and bodily faculties are transfigured, that God is the center of one’s life. 
He further explains that our inability to live such a life, leads others to have no faith or a very weak one.  If we want to spread His Word to others, then we must hallow His name. It is not what we say, but how we live that will bring us salvation but also others to join in union with Him.
Because our lives are not consistent with this petition [in the Lord’s prayer] and we do not strive to live according to the will of God, our conduct is anti-Christian. We are full of vices and passions, hatreds and animosities, and we commit injustices and slanders. And that is why other people see us and do not believe in God; hence we cause the name of God to be blasphemed among the nations.
Next time you recite this prayer that our Lord has instructed all to pray, think about how you hallow His name. Do not take the easy path and only think that it means that God is holy, but think about what this requires of you in your daily life.  Examine how closely you carry out His love of Him and others. 

Gregory of Nyssa concludes his comments with with this,

When I pray saving "Hallowed be Thy Name," the meaning of these words apply to me actual- izing God's blessings. Lord, through the cooperation of Your help, may I become blameless, just and pious. Abstaining from every evil, may I speak the truth, practicing righteousness and walking on the straight path. May I shine with prudence, be adorned with incorruption, and be beautified with wisdom and discernment. Overlooking earthly things, may I set my mind on the things above (Col 3:2) and be radiant with the angelic manner of life. 
May we all pray for the strength and divine grace to live a life that makes His name hallowed. 

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