Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bored With Your Work?

Many people to day do not find satisfaction from their work.  They claim they are bored or treated unfairly. They say the time goes slow and they are constantly looking for the end of their work period.  But there are many more who love to go to work. Some are so immersed in their work that they may even forget to eat properly. How does one turn work into something we gain spiritual satisfaction from and feel nourished through it?
Elder Paisios has this to say,
It depends on how each one does the work, and what one has within him. If one works with humility and love, everything will be illumined, full of light and graceful, and he will feel inner repose. But if one has prideful thoughts, imagining that he does the work better than others, he may have a sense of satisfaction, but it doesn't fill his heart, for his soul doesn't sense it.
To gain joy our from our work depends on how we approach it, what attitude we bring to it. Elder Paisios says, "If one doesn't do his work with love, he gets tired and weary." This is the attitude of love we must have no matter how mundane the task we are asked to do in the work place.  It is a place to practice what Christ has taught us, to love one another, to avoid gossip and judging others. This requires humility as we approach the work place. 

But what if we feel we should be doing work that is more meaningful? It may be that the kind of work you do is not suited to your skills. Then with prayer and help from friends, you can be guided to seek training for different kinds of work.  But you must first make sure you have mastered the nature of the workplace, so that when you do get another kind of work you do not suffer in the same way. 

First, find a way to love while you work, to give thanks to God for all things. Seek to bring cheer and goodness to those who you relate to at work. There may be new opportunities that open up for you where you are, or you may find new energy to enroll in a series of classes that will qualify you for different kind of work.

With an atitude of love and humility you will find that you will be able to have joy in any job and more likely be guided to work that fits your natural God given capabilities.

Resource: Elder Paisios of Mount Athos Spiritual Counsels IV: Family Life, pp 180-181


  1. very nice post
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  2. Great share, you must love what you do and do it with purpose. Then you will never be bored. Thanks, James.


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