Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finding Inner Peace

How to gain peace in our lives?  There is one thing above that is essential and that the satisfaction of our spiritual needs.  When we know our purpose and seek the Holy Spirit, when it comes it comforts us and beings peace to all the other aspects of our being.

Saint Theophan says they are "the one thing needful."
When spiritual needs are met, they teach a person to harmonize with those needs the satisfaction of other needs, so that neither the needs of the intellect or the needs of the body interfere with the spirit for life, but, instead, aid it. Then within a person is established complete harmony of all motions and revelations of his life. There is a harmony of thoughts, feelings, desires, undertakings, relationships, pleasures. And this is Paradise! Contrary to this, when the spirit is not satisfied, and this one thing needful is forgotten, that each of these other needs runs off in a different direction, each one demands fulfillment of its own needs, and their muddle and cry, like noise at a bazaar, deafen the poor person, and he runs around like a madman trying to satisfy them. But he never has peace, because when one need is being satisfied, the others are not...
So, if you are feeling a disorder in your life, it is time to pay attention to the spiritual dimension of your life.  Examine you attention to the basics: Daily prayer, the Jesus Prayer, reading of Scripture, attending worship services and with proper preparation participation in the sacraments, spiritual fellowship, and helping others.

Orthodox Way of Life - Ten Points

Reference: The Spiritual Life, pp 95-96 

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