Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Advice from Elder Paisios on Who to Vote For.

Have you voted yet?  Here is some advice from the Elder Paisios.

When some people whent to visit the Elder just before an election they asked who they should vote for.  And he replied:
- Vote for the one you believe it is best; the one who loves God and our country
 They always gave the same reply:
- They are all the same, Father.
Then he added:
- Well, look here.  All olive trees are the same; all of them are affected by the same disease called dakos. However, some are affected 100% by it, others 80% and others 50%. Since we are in need of olive trees, we have to look for the ones that are affected the least.  When we go to vote, we should always bear in mind two things: a) how much the candidate loves God and is thus a conscious member of the Church, and b) how much he loves his country and look solely after its interests and not his own.  If someone uses another criterion to vote, he is acting out of self-interrests and is not behaving like a true Christian.  Later on, divine justice will allow him to pay for his mistake.
Source: Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain, p 123 


  1. I can see that a true Christian would not look solely after his own interests, but wouldn't such a person look after the interests of all people, not just his own country's? Often the interests of one's own country conflict with those of another. In such a situation, shouldn't a Christian politician find a solution that benefits humanity as a whole, not just his own country, so long as the means are ethical?

  2. Yes but the Elder said the first thing to look for was a love for God.

    One who loves God will look after the interests of all people, and one who wishes to lead his country should have a special love for it as well.

    Keeping both points in mind the Elder's advice is actually perfectly balanced.

  3. So...Ron Paul, then. :)

  4. As I see it, neither have a love of God, not by profession, nor by example. Am I missing something?


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