Saturday, August 21, 2010

Porphyrios' Advice on the Jesus Prayer

Elder Porphyrios teaches that the prayer of the heart is for those who have already attracted the grace of God. 

He warns,
I mustn't be done with the thought.  "I'll learn it, I'll so it, I'll acquire it", because in this way we may be led to egoism and pride.
This is the serious danger for those who set out to practice the Jesus Prayer to seek the divine light of God.  They apply it like an external method.  It is their ego acting, their self will seeking some kind of pleasure from God.  This will most likely result in only increasing ones pride and will attract much assistance from the devil.  You may experience visions and lights which encourage you on your quest. Meanwhile your relationships with others will worsen. You we be seen as aloof and impatient.  It is a very dangerous situation.

Elder Porphyrios says,
Not only experience and genuine desire, but also wisdom, care and prudence are required if our prayer is to pure and pleasing to God.

Reference: Wounded By Love, p. 121

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