Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Persistence and Discipline

To be able to live by the Spirit, great discipline is needed in our lives.
Hieromonk Damascene puts it this way,
"It is imperative that one put one's time in before God, every day without fail.  Specific periods of watchfulness and prayer must be set aside each day, especially in the morning and evening."
Elder Nikodim puts it his way:
Night prayer prepares you for prayer during the day.... Humility, awareness, repentance.  'Forgive, O Lord, me who live in the world, who bear a body, and who am enticed by the devil.' Do this unceasingly.  And, whatever little thing you do, turn to God's mercy with humility.  Ask forgiveness of the Lord: 'Infirm am I."
We need a rule of prayer. (See previous post)    Through prayer we build a foundation of watchfulness.  This foundation then aids us in our attention in prayer giving us strength to control our wandering thoughts that pull us away from our conversation with God.

see also A Sample Prayer Rule

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