Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What Rivals the Love for Christ?

Once you have the love of Christ in your heart what else is there to long for?  All the things of this world only leave us wanting more and often burden us with worries and upkeep.  But having Christ in our heart is all fulfilling and yields only joy.  As Elder Porphyrios says, "No other joy, no other beauty, nothing else can rival Him."

Once you have this love for Christ what can surpass it?  What is greater?  How can it be even greater than our love for our parents or our children?  But it is.  It is a love that never falters.  It is unwavering, unconditional and unlimited.  No other kind of love is as great as this.

Elder Porphyrios says,
Fleshly love has a point of satiety.  therefore jealousy and disgruntlement may set in...Love in Christ knows no alteration.  Worldly love remains for a time, and is gradually extinguished, whereas divine love continually grows and deepens.
This love for Christ has no point of satisfaction.  Elder Porphyrios says,
You cannot have enough of Him, the more you believe that you don't love Him and the more you desire to love Him.  At the same time, however, your soul is flooded by His presence and your joy in the Lord is inalienable. 

Source: Wounded By Love, p 100 

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