Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spiritual Warfare II - Preparation

Once we are well aware of our sinfulness (the sign of a mature seeker of God) we can then seek to anticipate the battles we will encounter during the coming day.  Our sinfulness is often triggered by our interactions encountered in the activites of our daily life.  When we know we will be facing situations where we often find ourselves falling into a sinful activity we need to protect ourselves and prepare for these battles.

Saint Theophan recommends,
"At the beginning of each day, sit and go over all possible meetings and occurrences and all the possible feelings and movements that they could cause."  
This can be a routine activity at the end of your morning prayers.  Mentally go through the day and the situations you are likely to encounter.  Think about how you can deal with those situations where you know it will be difficult for you––especially situations where you may be tempted with lust or anger.

Predetermine the best approach if temptations do arise.  Think about how you will fight it off, or will it be better for you to avoid the encounter.  When we have a weakness it is often best to predetermine a way to walk away physically from the situation. 

As you enter into the trials of the day, remember you have some important weapons.  Both of these give me great aid. One is the Jesus Prayer which you can say at any time (if you make it part of your regular prayer rule), and even more powerful is the sign of the Cross.  As you enter into a situation where you know you are facing temptation, make the sign of the Cross and say quietly to yourself, "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner."

By being vigilant, and aware of the potential battles you will face, you can begin to change the way you live your life transforming it into an Orthodox Way of LIfe.  

Become a proactive spiritual warrior.


  1. Dear Deacon Charles,i'm just very happy to say that i'm really inspired to follow Jesus in my daily life,thanks to ur daily messages..This blogsite is proving to be very educational for all the Orthodox christians throughout the world...thanks a lot for starting this,may our good Lord help you to keep up the good work...habie(india)

  2. Than you and thank God for the wisdom He makes availalble to us for our salvation.


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