Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's Never too Late

The life of St Mary of Egypt teaches us that we should never judge who will be saved. Her life demonstrates that it is never too late to repent. Knowing the sinfulness of her life, who would have thought that she would become a Saint that is celebrated on one of the Sunday in Lent.

Metropolitan Anthony Bloom sees her as an image of what each of our lives could become. He writes,
" Each of us is called to commune with God in such a way, that God and each of us should become one, that each of us should become partaker of the Divine nature, a living member, a brother, a sister, a limb of Christ, a temple of the Holy Spirit, a son and a daughter of the Living God! This is our vocation; but can that be achieved by our own strength? No, it cannot! But it can be achieved by God in us if we only turn to Him with all our mind, all our heart, all our longing, determinably, yes: it is determination, and it is longing, a passionate, desperate longing... And then - and then all things become possible."   
When Saint Paul asked God for strength to fulfil his mission, the Lord said to him, My grace suffitheth unto thee, My power deploys itself in weakness... And at the end of his life, having fulfilled his vocation, Paul, who knew what he was saying, said, all things are possible unto me in the power of Christ Who sustains me... All things are possible, because God does not call us to more than can be achieved by Him with us and in us.

Link to the complete story of the Life of Mary of Egypt as told to us by Saint Sophronius.

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