Wednesday, December 9, 2009

When to Pray

“It is good to pray always and not to lose heart, as the Lord says, and again the Apostle says, ‘Pray without ceasing’ - ‘Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me’-that is by night and by day and at every hour, and not only when coming into the church, and not bothering at other times. But whether you are working, lying down to sleep, traveling, eating, drinking, sitting at table, do not interrupt your prayer, for you do not know when He who demands your soul is coming (death approaching...). Don’t wait for Sunday or a feast day, or a different place, but, as the Prophet David says, ‘in every place of his dominion’.

"Forget, for at least this space of time, the bustle and concerns of everyday life. Be like an angel, filled only with thoughts of God and of serving Him. After all, He is present now, and is blessing you. »

Hieromartyr Seraphim of Dmitrov - regarding the Divine Liturgy.

"Whether you are in church, or in your house, or in the country; whether you are guarding sheep, or constructing buildings, or present at drinking parties, do not stop praying. When you are able, bend your knees, when you cannot, make intercession in your mind, ‘at evening and at morning and at midday’. If prayer precedes your work and if, when you rise from your bed, your first movements are accompanied by prayer, sin can find no entrance to attack your soul.”

- St. Ephrem the Syrian


  1. 'in every place of his dominion'.

    Your posts on thought and prayer have been challenging and appreciated.

    Thank you.

  2. Thanks for your thought. May God guide us.


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