Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Pilgrim's Way

Excerpt for upcoming documentary on the Romanian Orthodox Church. Gives view of Orthodox way of prayer.

More on Prayer


  1. Wonderful! I can hardly wait to see the entire movie. Romanian Monasticism is very important for us; it preserves the tradition from the Holy Mountain, it helps us to search God through prayers and ascetic life. Putna, Neamt, Sihastria, Petru-Voda, Secu, Prislop, Nicula are just a few names of monasteries from Romania. We are blessed by God with them.

  2. This is a most holy and inspirational site, I love the articles on The Jesus Prayer. God our Father with his Son and The holy Spirit keep us all enfolded in LOVE.

  3. Where is this documentary? I am waiting to see it.

  4. The video is ready and for sale on


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