Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hymn of Cassiane

The beautiful hymn written by Saint Cassianne who give voice to the sinful woman described in Luke's Gospel (7:36-50) who anointed Christ's feet with oil after washing them with her tears in repentance is sung by the Saint George Choir.

Hymn of Cassiane - Tone 8: Link to audio of hymn sung by Saint George Choir followed by commentary by Father Tom Pistolis.

The woman who had fallen into many sins, perceiving Your divinity, O Lord, Received the dignity of a myrrh-bearer, For with lamentation she brought fragrant myrrh to You before Your burial. And she cried: Woe is me, for love of sin and stings of lustful passion envelop me as the night, dark and moonless. As You cause the clouds to drop down the waters of the sea, accept the fountain of my tears. As by Your indescribable condescension You bowed down the heavens, so incline to the groaning of my heart. I shall kiss Your most pure feet and wipe them with the hair of my head, Those same feet whose sound Eve heard at dusk in Paradise when she hid herself in fear. Who can count the multitude of my sins? Who can measure the depths of Your judgements, O Saviour of my soul? Do not turn away from me, Your servant, for You have immeasurable mercy.

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