Saturday, February 28, 2009

On Fasting

On Fasting - A comprehensive article covering the history of fasting, its ancient practice, why we fast and the guidelines of the Orthodox Church by Deacon Haralambos
Link to pdf file of article
Link to Cathedral web page on fasting

“The head or chief of the virtues is prayer; their foundation is fasting.
Fasting is constant moderation in food with prudent discernment in its use.
Proud man! You think so much and so highly of your mind, while all the time it is in complete and constant dependence on your stomach.
The law of fasting, though outwardly a law for the stomach, is essentially a law for the mind.
The mind, that sovereign ruler in man, if it wishes to enter into its rights of autocracy and retain them, must first submit to the law of fasting. Only then will it be constantly alert and bright; only then can it rule over the desires of the heart and body. Only with constant vigilance and temperance can the mind learn the commandments of the Gospel and follow them. The foundation of the virtues is fasting.”
Saint Ignatius Briantchaninov

"If you control your stomach, you will mount to Paradise; but if you do not control it, you will be a victim of death."
Saint Basil the Great

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