Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Suggestions For an Elderly Man Facing His Mortality

Suggestions for an elderly man who had come to terms with his mortality

1. Your health is good for a 98 year old man. You have been blessed with a good and healthy life with many years. You probably will live for a couple more years. So enjoy each day and give thanks to God.

2. Do not allow yourself to get depressed. Fight it without drugs. Call on Jesus when you feel distressed or down. Here is a simple prayer to say throughout the day and when you feel discouraged: "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner." Depression is a sign of separation from God. Call on Him and He will comfort you.

3. Use the prayers in the Orthodox Study Bible every day. There are prayers for the morning and evening. Read them after you get up and come to the table in the morning and before you get into bed at night.

4. Read a kathisma of the Psalms mid day. Also read a chapter from the book of John. Reflect on the path Christ took and how He suffered and then was glorified in His Resurrection. This is promised to all of us who have faith. If you are not up to reading have your aide read them to you.

5. Be sure to reconcile with anyone you may have offended and ask God for forgiveness. Be thankful for all who try to help you as your daily routine becomes more difficult.

6. This time of life is for you to prepare for the life to come. To be with God in His kingdom forever you must love Him no matter what and follow His teachings no matter how difficult. You do not know what challenges He will give you in these last years but the key is how you respond to them. Always give thanks and seek mercy. Remember the thief on the Cross who sought mercy and ask God to remember you in His Kingdom. 

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