Monday, June 16, 2014

Elder Sergei of Vanves on Prayer

Prayer should not depend upon our mood or good will. If we are in a bad state, it's because we are filled with sin. Thus we need to repent. Every day, examine your conscience and repent. Force yourself to pray regularly every day. If you don't want to do that, then you need to repent of that. You must understand how necessary this is. Know that the devil lurks and waits to destroy your soul, and that you are always in danger. Prayer alone will give your soul the strength to resist. In order to acquire spiritual muscles, you have to go to the spiritual gym.

Prayer must not become a "ritual" in the bad sense of the term. If it has become this for us, we must repent.

Prayer must be absolutely regular. Just as water falls on a rock and bit by bit cuts into the rock, prayer will penetrate into your soul.

Through the Jesus Prayer, your mind should enter into your heat. Prayer allows us to understand the things in our heart.

The Jesus Prayer without humility is a disaster 

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Reference: Elder Sergei of Vanves: Life and Teachings,  pp 149 - 150

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  1. Christ modeled a life of prayer, out of both necessity and desire, which brought Him before the throne of the Father. Only, the throne was transcendentally present on earth as in heaven. Indeed, God's kingdom is ever close. If only we would repent and enter the throne room to be in His glory. Life would not be so mechanistic or directionless. Thank you, brother Sergei, for reminding me to do what I know ought be done.