Friday, November 4, 2011

Fire of Your Love

I found this quote sent to me to be most inspiring.

"When you become aware of the increasing fire of your love for God and inner faith in him then you should realise that you are bringing Christ to birth within your soul. It is he who is lifting your soul high above its earthly and visible limitations and preparing a dwelling place for it in the heavens. When you experience your heart filled with joy, and consumed with yearning for God’s ineffable blessings, then know that the divine Spirit is working within you. When you feel your intellect filled with ineffable light and spiritual understandings of transcendent wisdom, then recognise that the Paraclete is actively present in your soul, uncovering the treasures of the Kingdom of Heaven that lie hidden within it.”
~St. Nicetas Stethatos of Studium

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  1. I envy your lifestyle, and you want to be able to become friends


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