Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Inner State According to Saint Marcarius the Great

If anyone in the world is wealthy, and he has a hidden treasure, then he will acquire all that he wants through this treasure and wealth. So it is with those who have found and who've already have the heavenly treasure (grace). For through this treasure they acquire every virtue, and accumulate even greater heavenly wealth for themselves. The Apostle says, we have this treasure in earthen vessels (2 Corinthians 4:7); that is, being still in the flesh, we were were they to find in ourselves the above mentioned treasure, the sanctifying power of the Spirit.
He who has found and who has within himself this heavenly treasure of the Spirit is irreproachable, and accomplishes in purity every truth in accordance with the commandments and every virtuous deed without being compelled to do so, and without any difficulties. If we were to begin to implore God, we would begin seeking and asking that we too be given the treasure of His Spirit, and thus we would become irreproachable and abide in purity in all His commandments, carrying out every truth thoroughly and perfectly.
It is necessary to force oneself to ask the Lord that He allow one to find and accept the treasures of the Spirit, to arrive at this condition without difficulty, and to carry out faultlessly and thoroughly all the commandments of the Lord with ease, which formerly could not be accomplished even with all one's strength. This treasure is acquired through diligent seeking, having faith and patience in one's labors throughout this seeking. It is necessary to ask God with sincere love and faith to allow us to find in our hearts His riches, in the power and efficacy of the Spirit.
When the soul aspires to the perfection of the Spirit, after it has been entirely cleansed of all the passions, and, after it has arrived at the unity and dissolution with the Comforting Spirit in ineffable communion and being co-mingled with the Spirit, then it will be considered worthy of becoming spirit itself. Then it will become completely light, all-seeing, completely joyful, completely calm, completely loving, completely merciful, completely filled with grace and goodness.
Saint Macarius the Great, Eighteenth Homily.

Reference: The Spiritual Life, pp 140 142

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