Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why Are We Always Rushing?

Today it seems like everyone is in a hurry.  Each hour of the day is filled with appointments and we seem to aways a bit behind our planned schedule.  Why do we allow our life to be like this?  Why do we attempt to do so many things?  Why do we create a life that is nothing but busyness?

Elder Paisios says,
May God forgive me, but the world has become a huge madhouse! No one think of the next life anymore.  All they want is is more and more material goods. This is why they cannot find peace and run around constantly.
...If people lived eternally in this life, there would be no greater hell.  With the stress they have, if they lasted one hundred years like people did in Noah's time, their lives would be hell.
We read in Psalms, 
The years of our life are three-score and ten, or even by reason of strength fourscore; yet their span is but toil and trouble; they are soon gone and we fly away. (Ps 90:10)
Its no wonder why so many have such difficulty in this life.  We try anything to escape.  We take magical vacations to false places like Disney World, or cruises on dream ships where all our passions are catered too, we escape to a movie house and immerse ourselves in fantasy, or read a novel, and so forth.  All the wile plotting to find ways to escape from this "hell" we find ourselves in.

The Orthodox Way of Life is they easiest way to escape this situation and live a live centered on God.

See: Ten Points for an Orthodox Way of Life 

Source: With Pain and Love for contemporary Man, p 169-170

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  1. Thanks for posting the PDF of the Ten Point Program. I printed it and it is very helpful. I like the part on the Jesus Prayer very much.


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