Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Living As We Were Created

Our nature is complex.  There is more than one part to our being.  Many of our problems that lead us to anxiety and discomfort are due to the fact that we are paying attention to only one part of our being.

Saint Theophan the Recluse says,
Human life is complex and multifaceted.  It has physical, mental and spiritual aspects.  Each has its own powers, needs and modes, and the exercise and satisfaction of them.  Only when all our powers are in motion and all our needs are satisfied does a man live.  But when only one small portion of his power is in motion, and only an small number of his needs are satisfied, this life is not life.... It is necessary for us to live as God created us, and when someone does not live this way, I may confidently say he does not live at all...
A good life is one where we give the same attention to our spiritual needs as we give to our physical and mental needs.  When we neglect this one part we do not live as we were created. We are then subject to anxiety and possible suffering.

Reference: The Spiritual Life, p 38

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