Saturday, November 6, 2010

How About Both Parents working?

Often we hear the idea of both parents working cast in moral terms.  Some say to be a good Christian the mother should stay home to care for the children because their primary responsibility is to provide a caring home.

Here is what Elder Paisios has to say,
Both the father and mother will be responsible for not looking after their children and taking care about their future.  Not only is it not considered a sin if both of them work to earn more money in order to be able to pay for their children's studies, or build a house for their daughter, but it is their duty to do so.  The parents, who do not look after their children, are not good parents and they will have to justify their actions to God.  Sin is to earn money out of self-interest and not to have trust in God's providence.
The important question to ask is what is the reason that both parents work.  It is out of self-interest, prestige, or the attraction of a luxury way of living, or is it out of a need to care for their children.  Caring for our children is an essential responsibility in the eyes of God.

Reference: Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain, p 124


  1. Financial issues aside, a question to consider: Can a child be adequately raised in the fear and admonition of the Lord (particularly young children) when they spend the majority of their waking hours in the care of a secular institution? I fear many parents lose many opportunities for spiritual nurturing in the pursuit of paying for a child's college education or other material goods. You can never get those years back...

  2. Excellent thought Emmelia. It is important to provide good care for our children when we are working. And, of course, for most people, two jobs are beyond the call of necessity. A mom or dad who can stay home to provide loving care for her child is undertaking a most important job even though the pay is low. As you point out the rewards can be great.


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