Thursday, October 7, 2010

Turn the Wheel in the Right Direction

How often do we sit and reflect on spiritual questions, using our own thoughts to figure things out.  The more we think about the issue the more clear it becomes to us what is right.  Then when we go to talk with our spiritual father our mind is fixed and often we find ourselves only defending our own thought.

Elder Paisios, often had little patience for such people who were unable to listen to  to one such person he said the following:
Do not listen to your own thoughts, because you will end up losing your mind.  Be careful, you have a very good machine, but its wheel faces the wrong direction.  You have to turn it to the right direction, where the good thoughts are.  Only you, yourself, can do this along with the help of God.  Nobody else can do it for you, as you are free and self-dependent.  You turn the wheel, and your spiritual father will show you the direction.
Our thoughts, even well intentioned can block us from receiving the spiritual advice we badly need.

Source: Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain, p 35-36 

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