Thursday, September 16, 2010

On Work

We have the responsibility to provide for our own needs.  In addition we must do our share to support our community as caring for our own well-being.

Elder Macarius says, 
Living in the world, benefiting by worldly society of men, it is a sin to evade responsibilities and to thrust them on others.
Work coupled with responsibility is essential for our spiritual well being.

The Elder  says,
Idleness begets many vices... Arduous work often prevents this.
Bemoaning the lowliness of a job is not healthy either.
If it the lowliness of the job that destresses her, tell her that she issuffering from pride, which she should busy herself uprooting.  Tell her from me to rejoice, praise the Lord, and spend more time in prayer.  All work is good, but prayer is the best work of all.
Reference: Russian Letters of Spiritual Direction, pp 71-72

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