Monday, September 27, 2010

More from Elder Macarius on Suffering

Suffering for Christians is the way our souls are polished. Without suffering we become prideful and self-willed in all our actions.  But when we are in pain and suffering it is not easy to remember this.  

Here are some words of encouragement from Elder Macarius:
No matter how little you love God, He still loves you; loves you so much that He showers all this grief and pain on you, making your punishment in this world so great  that it may perhaps suffice to amend you, and make unnecessary the dread punishments of the next.  These others you may be spared!
Your past and present torments and sufferings are poured down upon you to test your faith and steel it; they also work to curb your lusts and passions.  Humble yourself.  God succors the humble.  

Reference: Russian Letters of Spiritual Direction, p 101 

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  1. Hi Fr, ever since my husband and I and my little daughter were baptise on April this year, our life has become more and more difficult. At least onc eor twice a week there will be problem after problem attacking us epsecially on every Saturday (as we need to go to church on Sunday morning). Is this normal?


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