Monday, September 13, 2010

Dealing with Sorrow

We all face at some time in our life small and great afflictions.  These can be a time of testing for our faith.  God has said, "Call upon me in the time of trouble; so I will hear thee, and thou shalt praise me" (Ps 50:15-16). It is in difficult and troubled times that our faith is affirmed.

Elder Macarius says,
Believe firmly that no suffering or sorrow can visit us––not a hair of our heads can fall––without God intending it.  Although we are always inclined to put down our misfortunes to the ill-willed or stupidity of other men, these are, in reality, only tools in the hand of God. Tools, used to fashion our salvation.
When we are filled with sorrow or feeling the least bit depressed we need to call on God for His help.

The Elder says,
Sorrow weighs you down? Never mind. The grateful heart, humble and wise––the heart which has become grateful, humble, and wise––will be greatly consoled and blessed with serene joy.

Reference: Russian Letters of Spiritual Direction, pp 61, 63 


  1. The way I dealt with my sorrows was through God's revelation ... praying to the Theotokos icon the "Joy of All Who Sorrow", the grace of this icon has healing properties for sorrow. There is an Akathist for this icon ... the Mother of God will pray for you to her Son.


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