Saturday, August 7, 2010

Spread Love Without Expecting Any Return

Love must be unconditional. We should not expect to gain anything from our love of God or others.

Elder Porphyrios tells us that God shows us what unconditional love is. 

Love needs to be sincere. And only the love of God is sincere love. To a person whom we find tiresome and troublesome, love needs to be offered in a subtle manner without the person being aware that we are striving to love him. It shouldn’t be given much outward expression, because then the person will react. Silence saves us from all evils. Restraint of the tongue is a great thing. In a mystical way silence radiates out to our neighbor. 
So often our good intention seem to cause further conflict. Try patience, silence and a smile. Overcoming troublesome relationships takes time. It's a matter of the heart and our rational discourse is frequently not useful. Kindness, a smile and stillness or calmness in a person’s presence can break down barriers that seem insurmountable.

The Elder advises, 

We, with our love, with our fervent desire for the love of God, will attract grace so that it washes over those around us and awakens them to divine love. 
Our focus must always be on our love of Christ. This is the condition for His grace to flow though us.

He says, 

To benefit others you must live in the love of God, otherwise you are unable to do good to your fellowman. You mustn't pressurize the other person. His time will come, as long as you pray for him. With silence, tolerance and above all by prayer we benefit others in a mystical way. 

Reference: Wounded by Love, pp 184-186


  1. Great blog! I have been reading through old posts for a few weeks now. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

  2. Thank God for the wisdom he has left for us. His advice for us is there when we are looking for it. Thanks for your comments.


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