Sunday, January 10, 2010

How is Fire of Zeal Ignited?

Such zeal is produced by the action of grace.  However it does not occur without the participation of our free will.  Christian life is not a natural life. This should be the way it begins or is first aroused: As in a seed, growth is aroused when moisture and warmth penetrate to the sprout which is hidden within, and through these the all-restoring power of life comes.  So also in us, the divine life is aroused when the Spirit of God penetrates into the heart and places there the beginning of life according to the Spirit, and cleanses and gathers into one darkened and broken features of the image of God.  A desire and fee seeking are aroused (by an action from without); then grace descends (through the Mysteries) and, uniting with our freedom, produces mighty zeal.  But let no one thing that he himself can give birth to such a power of life; one must pray for this and be ready to receive it.  the fire of zeal with power––this is the grace of the Lord. The Spirit of God descending into our heart, begins to act in it with a zeal that is both devouring and all-active.
Saint Theophan the Recluse

Reference: Path to Salvation pp. 31-32

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  1. Elder Porfyrios also has some interesting passages in Wounded By Love on HOW to ignite the Holy Zeal and Fire inside our souls and hearts ... he says, we need to become like POETS!