Monday, September 21, 2009

Why Do we Seek Virtues?

The seeking of virtue is much more than being obedient to God's will.  Listen to what Evagrius Ponticus (345- 399 A.D.) has to say (read this carefully):

We seek after virtues for the sake of attaining to the inner meaning of created things.  We pursue these latter, that is to say the inner meanings of what is created, for the sake of attaining to the Lord who has created them.  It is in this state of prayer that he is accustomed to manifest himself.  Chapters on Prayer # 51.

As we become more virtuous we become quieter and more open to things that are spiritual.  This inner peace allows us to be more attentive and to "see" more.  Not just in a physical sense but a spiritual sense. The more we can observe of the inner meanings of things the more we come to know God who created them all.

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