Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Listen to Moving Hymn sung during the procession the Cross on Thursday Evening By Metropolitan Alexios

"Today is hung upon the Tree, He Who did hang the land in the midst of the waters. A Crown of thorns crowns Him Who is King of Angels. He is wrapped about with the purple of mockery Who wrapped the Heavens with clouds. He received buffetings Who freed Adam in Jordan. He was transfixed with nails Who is the Bridegroom of the Church. He was pierced with a spear Who is the Son of the Virgin. We worship Thy Passion, O Christ. Show also unto us thy glorious Resurrection."

Link to above hymn chanted by Metropolitan Alexios at the Saint George Greek Orthodox Cathedral 2007 - Very moving

During this service all the Passion Gospels are read:
1) Jn. 13:31-18:1 (Farewell conversation of the Savior with His disciples and His high-priestly prayer for them).5
2) Jn. 18:1-28 (the Seizure of the Savior in the Garden of Gethsemane and His suffering at the hands of the high priest Annas).
3) Mt. 26:57-75. (Suffering of the Savior at the hands of the high priest Caiaphas and Peter's denial of Christ).
4) Jn. 18:28-19:16 (Suffering of the Lord in the court of Pilate).
5) Mt. 27:3-32 (The despair of Judas by the new suffering of the Lord by Pilate and the judgment for His crucifixion).
6) Mk. 15:16-32 (Leading the Lord to Golgotha and his suffering on the cross).
7) Mt. 27:33-54 (The continuation of the narrative about the Lord's suffering on the cross,
the wonderful signs accompanying His death).
8) Lk. 23:32-49 (The Prayer of the Savior on the cross for His enemies and the repentance of the wise thief).
9) Jn. 19:25-37 (Words of the Savior from the cross to the Theotokos and Apostle John
and the repetition of the narrative of His death and perforation).
10) Mk. 15:43-47 (Removal of the body of the Lord from the cross).
11) Jn. 19:38-42 (Participation of Nicodemus and Joseph in the burial of the Savior).
12) Mt. 27:62-66 (Posting of the guards at the tomb of the Savior and the sealing of the tomb).

After the 5th Gospel there is a procession where the priest carries the cross around the Nave and places it on the solea where the figure of Christ is nailed to it. The above hymn is what is chanted by the Priest.

During the Procession, Orthodox Christians kneel and venerate the Cross and pray for their spiritual well-being, imitating the thief on the Cross who confessed his faith and devotion to Christ. The faithful then approach and reverently kiss the Crucifix which has been placed at the front of the church.

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  1. I just stumbled on your site, looking for Antiphon 15 in Arabic. I'll save it in my Favourites and come back later.

    We celebrated the Twelve Gospels service here in Oman last night - at the Antiochian Orthodox Church in Muscat. I love the antiphon "Today is hung upon the tree.." It was chanted beautifully in Arabic during the procession and I'm trying to find a video of it in Arabic.


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