Thursday, April 15, 2010

Keep Inner Stillness

Good advice from Metropolitan Jonah about watchfulness, an essential skill for the Orthodox Way of Life.

"…One of the things which is so difficult to come to terms with is the reality that when we bear anger and resentment and bitterness in our hearts, we erect barriers to God’s grace within ourselves. It’s not that God stops giving us His grace. It’s that we say, “No. I don’t want it.” What is His grace? It is His love, His mercy, His compassion, His activity in our lives. The holy Fathers tell us that each and every human person who has ever been born on this earth bears the image of God undistorted within themselves. In our Tradition there is no such thing as fallen nature. There are fallen persons, but not fallen nature. The implication of this truth is that we have no excuses for our sins. We are responsible for our sins, for the choices we make. We are responsible for our actions, and our reactions. “The devil made me do it” is no excuse, because the devil has no more power over us than we give him. This is hard to accept, because it is really convenient to blame the devil. It is also really convenient to blame the other person, or our past. But, it is also a lie. Our choices are our own.
"On an even deeper level, this spiritual principle – do not react – teaches us that we need to learn to not react to thoughts. One of the fundamental aspects of this is inner watchfulness. This might seem like a daunting task, considering how many thoughts we have. However, our watchfulness does not need to be focused on our thoughts. Our watchfulness needs to be focused on God. We need to maintain the conscious awareness of God’s presence. If we can maintain the conscious awareness of His presence, our thoughts will have no power over us. We can, to paraphrase St. Benedict, dash our thoughts against the presence of God. This is a very ancient patristic teaching. We focus our attention on the remembrance of God. If we can do that, we will begin to control our troubling thoughts. Our reactions are about our thoughts. After all, if someone says something nasty to us, how are we reacting? We react first through our thinking, our thoughts. Perhaps we’re habitually accustomed to just lashing out after taking offense with some kind of nasty response of our own. But keeping watch over our minds so that we maintain that living communion with God leaves no room for distracting thoughts. It leaves plenty of room if we decide we need to think something through intentionally in the presence of God. But as soon as we engage in something hateful, we close God out. And the converse is true – as long as we maintain our connection to God, we won’t be capable of engaging in something hateful. We won’t react…"
He says, "If we can maintain the conscious awareness of His presence, our thoughts will have no power over us."  This is the key.  We are controlled by our thoughts and must learn to take action to control them.  Think about this: Where do they come from? Why are we so inclined to act on them.  We can learn through the practice of the ascetic disciplines and by asking for God's help in prayer overcome our tendency to simply react. Once we can maintain a continual awareness of His presence they will lose their power.

For me one of the most important practicers, in addition to regular Confession and partaking of Holy Communion, is daily prayer with the practice of the Jesus Prayer. This can leads one to continual prayer and this ever consciousness of Him.
Metropolitan Jonah of the OCA  (The Orthodox Church of America)

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  1. As we can maintain the informed understanding His profile, the thoughts may have simply no management of us all." This is the key. We are usually managed simply by the views and ought to figure out how to act to regulate them. Think relating to this: Where do they originate from? What makes we all so inclined to do something on them
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